Day 41-43: Muxía – Santiago de Compostela

1046km done and dusted (FFS!) – dead on my feat.
I’m too scared to take off my shoes, I think my feet are ready to swear at me.

I took the return, from Muxía, easy, stopped as often as possible, but I’m still knackered. Walking back on myself was a bit harder than I anticipated, as one needs to walk against the route markers – and many of the waymarkers are placed in such locations as to make them visible when approaching from the other direction.

On Monday my plan was to walk from Muxía to Logoso, but somewhere I missed a marker, and ended up in Ponte Olveira. Though it added about 6km to my day, it then shaved the same distance off the next day, allowing me to walk to Ponte Maceira, instead of Negreira, as originally planned.

The upshot was that I only had about 16km’s to walk to Santiago de Compostela today.

Walking back on yourself is quite a weird experience, as, because you have to focus so much on not missing waymarkers, you keep convincing yourself that the surroundings seem completely unknown, and that you must have taken a wrong turn somewhere.
It’s often only when you see or hear other pilgrims approaching from the front (the ‘right’ way), that you are able to put your mind at ease.

I arrived in Santiago at arount 14:10 – I started quite late, and stopped literally everywhere for either coffee, cold drink, or beer.
I’m now having a beer and empanada, before I’ll check in to my hostel.

I’m very tired, and my legs and feet are killing me. I’ll probably fall asleep as soon as I get anywhere near my bed.

Tomorrow I’ll wrap up a few things – get the boys something small, wash my clothes (for the last time), and see if I can find a barber shop to have a haircut – before I fly out to Paris on Friday morning.
When booking my flight from Santiago to Paris, I just opted for the cheapest, so I’m flying via Madrid, and then I’ll actually end up landing at some small obscure airport almost 150km’s from Paris. Once there I’ll figure out how to get a train or bus from the airport to Paris.

I’m done with walking – for now. I’m going to finish my lunch, and then have a long nap.

I’ve done what I set out to do.

Buen Camino!

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