One more sleep (hopefully)…

A short post, after a ‘short’ day.

I’ve been suffering from terrible insomnia the past weeks, and last night was no exception. I finally went to bed at 07:00 (yes, this morning), after having watched the sun rise over the Indian Ocean.
I’ve never in my life had difficulty sleeping, so this is extremely difficult for me – I love my sleep.

Late last night a message came through on my phone from a friend that I’ve known for many years.

It read:.

‘Kwakwaaaa!’ (what an intro!)
‘Ek vertrek oormôre na Spanje vir ses maande. Onthou dat ek daar is en dat ek slaapplek het.
En, onthou dat ons vriende is.’

Dankie, Theo – soos ek in my antwoord gesê het, ek’t al gewonder hóé ek so skimp gaan benader?

So, not only will I take on the Camino Frances, but I’ll visit a friend once I’m done. And, seeing that I planned on travelling down to Valencia (after the Camino), and Theo’s a mere 60km’s from there, I may actually save a few Euro’s on accommodation.

And then, my friend Theo, ends his late night message with this:

Ring the bells that can still ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack, a crack in
That’s how the light gets in.

I’m about to get myself ready for my final night at Bush Tavern!

Tomorrow I’m heading home – to my boys!
God, how I miss them.

PS. My tattoos are healing magnificently.

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